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Hey there, I'm Scott, a multi-disciplined one man band behind Pixelised Studios.

My aim is to support "your" vision by creating striking visuals and motion stings for all your marketing needs. Be it, pre-rendered or real-time.



Based in the heart of Cornwall, the foundation of Pixelised Studios has been built on 30+ years experience spanning technical training (Defence and Civil aviation) / eLearning and the FMCG sectors.

I've been fortunate to work with brands such as Carlsberg, Coke / Costa, Nestle, Xampla and programmes such as Thales' Watchkeeper, AgustaWestlands' Wildcat, and many more.

During contract phases I have held SC clearance, signed Official Secrets Acts and signed many an NDA even to this day.


I'm proud to say that I invest a lot of time in R&D, mastering various software and workflows to make for a very cost effective product for your marketing needs.


Multi-disciplined in graphic design / UI / UX / 3D and programming which drives my "techy" side. This is where I consider long term potentials / future proofing, i.e. will your design work in the AR sectors, etc... I can guide you through your long-term goals.

Let's talk about your creative visions, make a plan and turn your ideas into a reality.



Drop me an e-mail, let's see if there is scope to work and understand your business needs.


Rock View Cottage

Kingswood Road


PL18 9DF

Mobile: +44 7812 204058

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