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Photography (over the years)

I've had a fascination with photography for quite some years now, since maybe around 2005 when I invested time and money into a Minolta DiMage A1.

Since then I have owned a Canon 350D, Canon 5D Mk II (I do miss the full frame sensor), and then eventually downsized to a more modest but still amazing Olympus OMD E-5 Mk II.

Having done a little travelling, I have always try to capture all that interest me, and I've made it mission to nail that composition from the outset as I'm not a fan of cropping photo's to highlight the details.

I love working with a prime lens as that really means you have to think about your shots, your placement as there is little room to manoeuvre when stuck in one place (as you can't rely on altering the focal length)!

Let's talk about your creative visions, make a plan and turn your ideas into a reality.


Drop me an e-mail, let's see if there is scope to work and understand your business needs.


Rock View Cottage

Kingswood Road


PL18 9DF

Mobile: +44 7812 204058

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