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2+ years or so since an update...

Been a tonne of changes going on, going solo again, working a contract supporting air traffic control in the realms of Training Design.

What's that?

Well, creating content to help users consume information with helpful stories, jargon and a peppering of nice illustrative and 3D animation. Thankfully every day is a different day.

Anyways, quite recently, I have been deliberating over purchasing and using a UAV (or drone) for commercial work. As of last Friday I took my exam for the A2 CofC and passed. YAY me.

So with that, I have opened the flood gates to new services, aerial photography / videography being the main though process. Editing and grading next in line but one that may potentially be very exciting...

Imagine a nice smooth slow panning or orbital shot of your property, you have planning permission or require planning permission and want to submit plans in a dynamic way. Yep, embellish your video footage with what you propose, how will it look with a bit of magic applied here and there?
Drop 3D assets in to 4K footage, annotate and see the results, do you like the plan, can this be tweaked, all before submitting plans to an architect.

Thankfully, I can think of quite a few other scenarios where UAV videography can play a role in driving new ideas and content for you the client.

So, do you think you have an idea that could be realised with aerial videography and potentially injecting virtual assets into tracked footage?

I hope you have all stayed safe and getting through these crazy times with minimal impact to mental health. Who knows, I may put fingers to keyboard another day to push out a new blog post.

Wishing you all the very best


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