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Liberties Irish Whiskey

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

So, at the back end of 2018, I had an interesting gig come up, I was presented with some really nice artwork, 1 CAD file (the tall bottle), a new bottle build, a full 3D bar scene with a little help from the odd mood-board here and there and about 5 days to build / production time.

This was a bit of a tough gig, we were talking 7K renders, luckily Octane Render can eat through these size renders. I was working a full time job at Taxi Studio at the time, a cold winter, and I was away from the family during the week. My mind was certainly pre-occupied so can't grumble...

Onto the task at hand...

The first attempt, getting the object out utilising separate passes, Diffuse, Specular, Reflection so elements could be built up in Photoshop, edited in part, i.e. does the liquid need to appear a bit lighter!? Alpha-channeled of course.

Throw a background in, throw in some exposure, curves to really add some punch

There was also a white background version to produce (slightly different floor). Once this method was established, 3 more labels had to be wrapped, and 2 variants to be produced.

But... I do love my job.

One more bottle to go, this bottle didn't exist in the UK at the time, was lost in transit during the cold snap we had. No worries, let's just build it from a very low resolution photograph.

This time, you can see the layers split out into sub-groups, so if I need to alter the colour of liquid, change the hue/saturation and tweak to your hearts content :)

Push a few layers, add a little post additional highlight and here we go

So, we're coming to the end, oh wait, arrghh let's model and light a barrrrggghhh.

Luckily I had a Chesterfield model already, certainly set the tone for the lounge type feel that was required.

A very simple scene, but it's all UV mapped, nothing worse than some crappy projection mapping which can really upset a composition sometimes.

Diffuse only pass

AO pass added

Reflection / Emitters added

New environment map fro the outside world, and position the bottle

anywhere you would like

So there's my process for creating product shots, if you need a re-toucher, then I want to give the re-toucher all the flexibility of editing parts of an image.

Nothing worse than a locked in photo and your CD tells you to lose a highlight, tone down over exposed areas!


The images below are a result of updated renders, slower time visuals without disrupting the brand. These were all produced in camera.

Having recently purchased X-particles I needed to put it into use as you can see below, I'm not planning on animating this thought as it will take some time...



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