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UAV / Aerial Videography

During the long scorching summer of 2022, I decided it was time to evolve and take on a new challenge of capturing live video / aerial photography. As a result of taking on this innovation, I went about acquiring my A2 CofC to allow me to take on commercial work.

I'm pleased to say I passed the course and can now offer further services, to record "your world" and the world around you:

  • Multiple views with dynamic flight (video / photographs)

  • Embellish tracked footage with 2D and 3D overlays if necessary

    • i.e. architectural, you buy a plot of land, you want to see the potential of your project before work even commences (mixing CAD with live footage)​

    • Insert additional 3D components to the days gone by (what could it have looked like)?

    • Analyse structure(s)

  • Planning permission, visualise various views / in motion to support plans to further enhance and to "potentially" speed up the process (by blocking out volume)

  • Analyse the environment around you (i.e. droughts or even flooding)

  • Just for fun, create memorable experiences to look like miniatures

    • i.e. family time, hyper-lapsed and tilt-shifted

If it's a greenlight, be assured I will not charge you extra for editing / grading your footage. You deserve the optimum quality, not the absolute basics.

NOTE: Other companies will charge you for editing / grading the footage captured which could potentially double your budget and then some.

Let's talk about your creative visions, make a plan and turn your ideas into a reality.


Drop me an e-mail, let's see if there is scope to work and understand your business needs.


Kingsbury Episcopi


TA12 6AZ

Mobile: +44 7812 204058

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